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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  1. Minimum purchase is 1 featured block (50X50 Pixels). You can buy more than one featured blocks as you want to.

  2. System allows you to purchase only one featured block per time.

  3. Featured blocks you purchased at here will at least listing at our featured blocks' homepage for at least 15 years, we not guarantee for the server downtime, maintenance, migration and so on.

  4. Image that you upload can be in JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP format, that less than 200KB.

  5. For instantly approve your featured block, you must return to our website from Paypal website, after made the payment.

  6. You should keep the transaction ID that showed on the preview page. You need this transaction ID when you contact us upon purchasing of the featured block issues.

  7. Your spot of featured block will be reserved, once you booking it and if you fail to made the payment within 3 hours, your reservation of that spot of featured block will be cancelled and available again for public.

  8. You can not modify the information once you have booked or purchased the featured block. You may write us an email for us; we can change it for you.

  9. You can preview the order before you confirm booking and purchase.

  10. No refunds for the featured blocks that you have purchased. We also NOT refund for the spot of featured block removal, once detected your featured block is violate our terms and conditions.

  11. No offensive, adult, rude, illegal, obscene websites are accepted.

  12. We have assured your featured block will at least 15 years at our website here, but we reserve the right to remove it under unexceptional circumstances such like court order, lawsuit. In this case you can get your FULL REFUND RETURNED, which is the actual amount of the featured block you paid.

  13. Make sure you have the right for the photo you submitted as your website thumbnail.

  14. We can not guarantee of 100% uptime of the hosting services, but we hope your understand that server might broken, maintenance, upgrading, migrating hosting and so on, so downtime is within our control, but we will try to made the less downtime as possible.

  15. Your details information are keep privately at all the time.

  16. You are responsible for the contents of your website that link from the featured block to your website's homepage.

  17. Terms and conditions can be added, amended or deleted at any time based on the requests by the public.

  18. http://limcorp.net that advertises on this website is NOT participating on the prizes contest. It is just an example for reference.

  19. Thank you for your corporation and understanding for purchase a featured block here.

  20. Finally, we wish you have a great traffic driven and increase your sales volume from your websites.

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