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Purchase A featured Block for your website for advertising and Highlight Products And Services.

How to make a Purchase?

It is easy to purchase a featured block at here, through our automatic system.

1. You may start at the Grid selection page, by select a featured block you like at any 18 X 11 positions, except the booked and purchased featured blocks. Click on an available featured block on the grid area, then click "Buy This Block" button for booking and purchase.

2. After selected a featured block, you will proceed to fill in your details information such like contact name, email address, website name, website thumbnail, website URL and so on. After filled in all your details information, you can preview it on the next webpage by click on the "Preview & Confirm Booking" button. This is to ensure your website name; URL and other information are correctly entered.

3. Click on the "Confirm" button for the booking confirmation.

4. Click "Buy Now" button to make payment via Paypal payment processor.

5. Return to our website from Paypal website after successfully made the payment, for instant approval on the featured block you purchased.

We having a automatic booking and payment system, which mean once your confirm your booking, then the status of your chosen featured block is being booked (Last longer for 3 hours from the booking time). Once you have successfully made the payment via Paypal payment processor, you MUST return to our website from the Paypal website, in order for the instant approve of your featured block and everyone can view and access to your website's homepage immediate after approved.

Note: We not allow websites such like offensive, adult, rude, illegal, obscene and so on.


Currently we only accept payment through the Paypal payment processor. It is easy, secure and fast for the transaction.

Featured Blocks

Everyone is welcomed to buy a featured block. We offer 198 featured blocks (50X50 Pixels each) for public at price of $20 per featured block. We assure that your featured block and your details information are with us at here at least 15 years.

The most greatest and exciting part is the contest. We offered some prizes for the lucky winners, who purchase at least a featured block here. Refer to Prizes webpage for the prizes information. You can purchase as many featured blocks as you like for your websites, this increase the chances for you to win the prizes.

You can see the statistic of your website such like clicks to your website from your featured block at here.

Any doubts? Visit FAQ or Terms.

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